With Emoji, The Keyboard Can Also Be Cute

- Aug 26, 2019-

    Emoji can express human emotions in an image, concrete and direct way, but always separated from people by a screen. Finding the perfect eggplant, umbrella, or snowman through an ever-expanding collection of miniature pictures is a delicate thing to express your emotions succinctly. But now, you can get close to emoji.


     A foreign company produced a Bluetooth keyboard, and the keyboard was full of emoji expressions. There are three types of keyboards, and the icon of the primary emoji keyboard has 47 emojis per keyboard. There are two emoticons on each button of the emoji Keyboard Plus, and three emoticons on the emoji Keyboard Pro.


    According to the emoji producer, each model has the latest expression on the keyboard. Support for tablets, laptops, and desktops on Mac OS X, iOS, and Windows. At the same time, the keyboard can also recognize your typing rules.


    It is understood that the price of the three keyboards from low to high is $79.95, $89.95, $95.95. When using, you need to prepare 2 7th batteries, and install the system's own software. It is understood that this keyboard is expected to begin pre-sale in December.