Why Should You Consider Choosing A Mechanical Keyboard?

- Aug 28, 2018-

Maybe your friends around you are already recommending mechanical keyboards to you. They have many advantages, mainly in the following aspects:

1, mechanical keyboard can reduce the number of wrong characters. Depending on the type of switch (shaft), you can get different tactile feedback, and when you press a button, the true touch helps you determine what you're typing. At the same time, supplemented by a crisp input sound, in blind typing can be more accurate input effect, which is quiet film keyboard can not achieve.

2, mechanical keyboard is more durable. Another major advantage of mechanical keyboards is durability, especially for heavy users. Depending on the model you buy, keys can be typed tens of millions of times over a lifetime that a fragile thin-film keyboard can't match. So, if you're a habitual user, you'll find it hard to keep a thin-film keyboard company for a long time. In addition, because of the mechanical design, even if the key lost can also be equipped with their own, cleaning and maintenance is relatively easy.

3, mechanical keyboard feel better. Almost every day users of mechanical keyboards can no longer tolerate the use of thin-film keyboards, which have a better input experience. Every time you click on a button, you get a definite touch and sound feedback. Over time, this combination of touch and hearing gives you a good sense of input and effectively reduces typos. In addition, there are even mechanical keyboards that can improve the RSI (Repeated Stress Syndrome) of heavy typists.

4, get a strong sense of nostalgia. The last advantage of a mechanical keyboard may seem emotional, but for some users it's a pleasant experience, so if you miss the old IBM keyboard or the Apple Extended keyboard, a mechanical keyboard is a great choice.

These are some of the appealing parts of a mechanical keyboard. Of course, not everyone likes mechanical keyboards. They feel too big, too heavy, or too expensive. However, it is recommended that you go to a computer store for a trial run. By comparing it with a thin-film keyboard, you will immediately feel the difference and perhaps consider buying a mechanical keyboard.