What Are The Main Technical Indicators Of Tactile Switches?

- Aug 28, 2018-

1. Light touch switch manufacturer introduction, if the terminal load applied on the terminal, because of different conditions will loose, deformation and electrical properties deterioration of the possibility, please pay attention to the use of.

2. When using through-hole printed circuit boards and non-recommended circuit boards, the effect of thermal stress will change, so please fully confirm the welding conditions in advance.

3. during the two welding, please return to normal temperature after the first welding part. Continuous heating may cause deformation of the outer part, loosening of the terminals, shedding and electrical characteristics.

4. regarding the condition setting of welding, it is necessary to confirm the actual batch production conditions.

5. the product is designed and manufactured based on DC resistance load. When using other loads [inductive load (L) and capacitive load], please confirm separately.

6. PCB mounting holes and models, please refer to the recommended size in the product drawings.

7. this switch should be used to operate directly by human operator according to the structure of switch. Please do not use mechanical testing function. Please use our perception switch.

8. switch operation, if the above specified load is applied, the switch will be damaged. Please be careful not to apply the above force on the switch.

9. please avoid using the operative part from side.

10. light touch switch manufacturers analysis, for the shaft type, try to press the switch center. For hinge structure, press the shaft lever position to move when pressing. Please pay special attention to it.