Type And Installation Of Key Switch

- Aug 28, 2018-

The key switch is to push the switch handle to connect or disconnect the circuit so as to achieve the purpose of switching the circuit. Commonly used types are unipolar two-bit, unipolar three-bit, bipolar two-bit and bipolar three-bit, etc. It is widely used in low-voltage circuit, with slider action flexible, stable and reliable performance characteristics, according to the current is divided into small current key switch and large current key switch.

Key switch installation matters:

(1) first, appropriate types of switches and connectors should be selected according to the use conditions and functions.

(2) the rated voltage and current of switches and connectors must be retained.

(3) In order to contact reliably, the number of contacts and connectors of the switch should be allowed to be used in parallel or standby.

(4) try to use the connector with positioning to avoid mistake and cause malfunction.

(5) the connection and welding of contacts are reliable. In order to prevent breakage and short circuit, the weld should be protected by casing.

Keyboard switches are becoming popular and miniaturized. It is the goal that people are constantly striving for to improve the power of key switches and make them miniaturized and lightweight.