The Larger The Contact Of The Touch Switch, The Better.

- Aug 28, 2018-

Touch switch first look at shell material. The main switch brands on the market generally choose PC material, PC material is also known as bullet-proof adhesive, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, not easy to change color characteristics for the control of electrical switches is very important

Next, the contact point is the contact point of the conductive parts during the touch switch. The contact point depends on the size (the bigger the better), and the two depends on the material.

There are mainly three kinds of contacts, silver nickel alloy, silver cadmium alloy and pure silver. Silver-nickel alloy is an ideal contact material at present. It has good electrical conductivity and hardness, and is not easy to oxidize and rust.

Silver-cadmium alloy contacts are also good in other aspects, but cadmium is a heavy metal, on the one hand, harmful to human body, on the other hand, the fusion of silver is not ideal, will form cadmium metal particles on the surface of the contact, conduction may pull out the arc. Pure silver is not a good contact. It does have good conductivity, but it is soft and oxidizes easily (like silver jewelry blackens over time). Soft texture makes the switch deformed when there are more contacts; when oxidized and rusted, the electrical conductivity will be much worse, and the rust spots will be easily heated, so it is easy to burn the contacts.

Third look at the structure of light touch switch. Now they are mainly large panel, and the appearance and feel are better than the thumb type. The biggest problem with thumb type is that it is easy to jam, because the torque is relatively short, the switching amplitude is relatively small, the spring slightly Microsoft or a little too hard, can cause the switch to jam.