Mechanical Keyboard

- Aug 28, 2018-

The mechanical keyboard sounds like an ancient product, but in fact it has an irreplaceable feel, has become the current user pursuit of new favorites. However, choosing the best (or most suitable) mechanical keyboard is tricky because there are dozens of different models and switching switches (commonly known as shafts) on the market, and the feel is quite different. So here's how to differentiate between different mechanical keyboards and help you find the right one.

There was a time when almost every computer was equipped with a mechanical keyboard, but because each key on the mechanical keyboard used a separate switch to control closure, resulting in higher costs, it was gradually replaced by a low-cost plastic film keyboard. Plastic film keyboard uses integrated sensor design, so it has low cost, low noise, no mechanical wear and tear characteristics, so the current market penetration rate is very high, basically has been widely used by mainstream accessories and computer manufacturers.

However, when plastic film keyboards became popular, people began to like this new product with short keys and mini-stylish appearance, but found that it did not have the feel of a mechanical keyboard. As a result, some accessories manufacturers began to produce new mechanical keyboards, and optimize and product type segmentation to meet the different needs of users. In fact, it's not just gamers who like the precise control of mechanical keyboards, but programmers and text workers who enjoy the sensitivity and precision of each mechanical switch, which helps to reduce mistyping, so mechanical keyboards usher in a second spring.