How To Use The Touch Switch Correctly

- Aug 28, 2018-

Nowadays, the application scope of light touch switch is becoming wider and wider, and the market needs continue to be optimistic, while the competition between businesses is becoming more and more intense, mainly in the production of specialization, automation is becoming stronger and stronger. How to use the tactile switch correctly? Many people have many misconceptions about the use of touch switches. The following are a few detailed ways to use the touch switch correctly. The details are as follows:

Method 1. Dust countermeasure

Because there is no switch with sealed structure, so do not use it in places with dust. If we have to use it, we should consider adopting protective measures such as covering.

Method two. About preservation

Keep Dongguan light touch switch, in order to prevent terminal discoloration, do not store in high temperature, humidity or direct sunlight, and corrosive gas environment.

Method three, operation method

Do not exert strong repetition. If the plunger has been pressed under the request for further pressure, excessive load weight may lead to deformation of the circular panel spring, become the cause of poor movement. Especially if the transverse pressure type is applied too much load, the riveting part will be damaged and become the cause of switch breakage. Therefore, when installing and operating the light touch switch, please be careful not to attach more than the overload weight (29.4N, 1 minute, 1 time). Please set the switch according to the direction that the plunger can move in the vertical direction. Only one side of the plunger or the oblique operating port may cause durability reduction.