High Voltage Self Lock Switch Market Demand Increases Year By Year

- Sep 17, 2019-

China's industry should pressure self-locking switch to a strong smart grid comprehensive construction as an opportunity to enhance the ability of independent innovation in UHV AC, and promote environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction equipment; should be based on UHV transmission technology and advanced electrical equipment and integrated technology as key development areas, and through the research of advanced electrical equipment and integrated technology the key to a breakthrough in the key technology of superconducting power equipment; to promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, to further enhance the overall industry technical level and international competitiveness, and strive to achieve the high pressure self-locking switch industry from large to strong changes.


High pressure self-locking switch industry large backbone enterprises, technology research and the further development of UHV switchgear self-locking core technology and key components of the implementation of UHV equipment based on domestic, independent research and development, the full realization of localization of the target. Combined with the construction of smart grid, digital substation, distribution automation, and vigorously promote the self locking switch equipment intelligent.

Due to high pressure self-locking switch intelligent equipment industry technology is still weak, so easy to difficult to develop, such as: first, with the development of distribution intelligent circuit breaker, and then developed intelligent self-locking distribution switchgear, smart grid, GIS GCB and other intelligent components, R & D integration and interface technology of key switch a device and the two control in self-locking in recent years, the global market demand for transmission and distribution equipment overall upward trend, at the same time with the construction of rural power grids, UHV and EHV DC transmission project, driven by the rapid development of China's power transmission and distribution equipment industry.