Good Or Bad Distinction Of Micro Switch

- Aug 28, 2018-

Micro-switch is widely used in many switching circuits, mainly responsible for control and security protection, precisely because it has such a function, so often used in electronic equipment may be under the power system, of course, some high-tech and other areas are indispensable. Therefore, we must not belittle its role, but without it, it will never work.

So what is the quality of the micro switch, what is the service life and how should it be judged? The following star Kun Electronics will give you a complex introduction. The service life of switches on the market is different now. Consumers can choose products with different service life according to their own budget. From 30,000 times to 10 million times of service life, generally speaking, the highest international product is only 8 million times, and foreign high-end technology can reach 10 million times. The difference is the use of different reeds, the general international reed is mainly bronze or stainless steel wire, and abroad is much better, basically is made from the use of rare metal titanium. Then consumers can estimate their service life according to the material of reeds. The outside of the micro-switch is equipped with a transmission pressure handle, which is very small and can be widely used in various places. There are about five main components of this switch, and the quality of the five components will determine the quality of the switch.

The quality of microswitches is largely determined by external hardware, but there are also some by the company's assembly technology and pre-factory quality inspection decisions. So finding a company specializing in the production of electronic components is very important, which will save a lot of trouble.