Automotive TACT Switch Offers Quiet Operation

- Sep 02, 2019-

Automotive TACT switch offers quiet operation


Alps Alpine has added a model with 0.9mm travel to its SKSU Series compact, middle-stroke TACT Switch lineup. The SKSUBCE010 offers push clarity along with quiet operation and a distinct click, suitable for automotive use.

The newly developed product’s 0.9mm travel places it at the longer end of the middle stroke range. While retaining the quiet sound and distinct click feel made possible by combining rubber and metal for an original contact structure, the new model delivers a clearer push sensation, both enhancing the clarity of operation and satisfying demand for a premium operating feel. The SKSUBCE010 also incorporates a pre-stroke design – a feature of existing automotive TACT Switch products – helping to prevent rattling while integrated into the end product. Because the SKSU Series has mounting compatibility with the existing SKTQ Series, customers using an existing product can choose the best operating feel for their vehicle brand without having to modify the board design. 

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