What Is a Micro Switch

- Sep 02, 2019-

What is a Micro Switch?

micro switch is a small sensor. Not like the ones you think of in the movies where you walk past a laser and alarms go off. Think dish washing machines. Have you ever started your dishwasher just to realize you forgot a plate in the sink? When you open the door the whole machine instantly shuts down. Now you may ask how it knows…


How Does a Micro Switch Work?

A micro switch works by sensing movement or pressure from its surroundings. For example, when the dishwasher opens it takes pressure off an actuator, also known in Laymen’s terms, as a button or plunger. When the pressure is taken off of this button it opens a circuit. This means the electricity is cut off from the rest of the machine.

Common Micro Switch Applications

Here are a lot of practical uses for a micro switches.You can use it to measure or sense anything that moves. We have a lot of different sensing options for this switch that depend on the actuator used. There are six standard actuator options: sail/paddle, leaf, styrene float, whisker/wire, roller or the basic plunger micro switch. The actuators can be triggered by air current, weight, physical contact or passing motion.