Matters needing attention in micro switch

- Aug 28, 2018-

Micro-switch is a kind of contact mechanism with micro-contact interval and fast-acting mechanism, which is operated by prescribed stroke and force. It is covered by a housing and has a driving rod outside. Because of the small contact interval between the switches, it is also called micro-switch, also called sensitive switch. The electrical symbol is SM.

Please note that the body should not exert force directly on the button or the stimulator in the free state, and should exert force on the button in the straight direction when using it.

When fixing the main body of the switch, use the small screws of M2 to fix it on the smooth surface with torque below 0.098N.m. In addition, in order to avoid loosening of screws, it is advocated to use gaskets together.

For the change of motion characteristics, even in the (+ 20 [%) seizure change of motion characteristics specifications should not cause problems.

After action, the action is set to 70[%] above the O.T. value. In the case of switch, do not set the action body on the action limit position, so as to avoid the impact of the opening and closing along with the stroke shorten the life.

In the case of manual welding, please use the electric temperature with temperature conditioning 320 max.) in 3 seconds to complete the work, and pay attention not to exert force on the terminal in the work. In the use of small current and voltage, it is advocated to use low power circuit type (Au cladding contacts).