How to maintain the mechanical keyboard

- Aug 28, 2018-

Method 1: When you don't use the keyboard, remember to cover it with cloth or bag, which is waterproof and dust-proof. Dust has an important impact on the mechanical switch. From the feedback of using the keyboard, the key failure is caused by the backlog of dust in the switch. I hope you can take good care of your keyboard and do a good job in dust-proof.

Method 2: When using the keyboard, try to avoid the splash of liquid, water will lead to the mechanical keyboard circuit short circuit, light keyboard failure, serious burning circuit boards and important chips, causing irreparable serious consequences.

Method 3: Keyboard should be used on a fixed computer host as far as possible, because the voltage of the keyboard interface on the computer motherboard is unstable at the moment of inserting the keyboard. It is possible to break down the "CPU" of the keyboard because of voltage or static electricity. The correct way is to connect the keyboard to the computer before starting up, and use metal conductive materials before inserting the keyboard. Remove static electricity near the interface.

Method 4: Clean your hands and trim your nails smoothly before using the keyboard. This will keep the keyboard tidy for a long time and prolong the life of the keycap. Screen printing is easy to fade. Paying attention to tidiness can greatly prolong the adhesion time.

Method 5: Do not pull the key cap forcibly without professional equipment. Uneven pulling the key under uneven force is a fatal injury to the mechanical shaft. It should seriously affect the hand feel. If you have to explore, you can buy related accessories (even if there are professional equipment, it is strongly recommended to avoid repeated pulling).