How to distinguish the touch button switch?

- Aug 28, 2018-

Light touch switch makes use of shrapnel contact to make the electronic switching circuit, realizes the work and stop of the whole circuit, and the key switch has two functions of self-locking and non-locking, which can keep the long-pass and long-break, thus realizing the work and stop of the electronic switching circuit.

How to distinguish appearance?

Light touch switch volume is smaller, light touch switch the main trigger is shrapnel, the overall base will be thinner than the button switch thickness, Xingkun XKB brand light touch switch, the minimum size can be 0.35mm, there are many buttons, should have a specific model, or use to answer yo. Relatively speaking, light touch price is cheap. Some.

The volume of the key switch is larger than that of the light touch switch. The main stroke control is the spring. The height of the stroke determines the volume and height of the product itself. The height of the key switch of Xingkun XKB is only 7.5mm at present.

Structural types of light-touch switches: normal open light-touch switch, often closed light-touch switch, waterproof light-touch switch three categories

There are two types of keyswitch structure: self locking key switch, no lock key switch.