How to clean the mechanical keyboard cleanly?

- Aug 28, 2018-

Step one: pull the key cap.

First, take a photo of the keyboard. What's the magic of it? Later announced. It's not very dirty, so it's not particularly dirty. It's designed to "destroy" the keyboard with soot and sundries. Because it is suspended design, so the key hat is still relatively simple. However, larger keys such as blanks are used for balancing rods. Users must pay attention to the process of dismantling.

The second step: cleaning the keyboard chassis

Cleaning the chassis is still very simple, the best choice of tools is a soft brush, the size of the brush will help you better clean the chassis.

The third step: clean the key cap.

As the longest contact with the finger cap, although the surface does not look dirty, the fact is not as clean as you imagine, must be well cleaned. Although the mechanical keyboard is not waterproof, the mechanical key cap can be washed with water.

Remove all the key caps and put them in the bucket, put a small amount of cold water (hot water may deform the key cap), just cover the key cap, add detergent, soak about 10 minutes, you can start cleaning the key cap. After soaking for a period of time, most of the dirt has come off. After drying, the key cap can be dried.

Small partners pay attention to the key cap do not put in the sun exposure, so easy to cause the key cap aging, need to be placed in the shade to dry. Wait for the key cap to dry and wipe it with a towel or paper towel. Be careful to clean the water inside the key cap.

The fourth step: assembling keyboard

The key cap can be installed after air drying. Remember the initial picture of the keyboard? Some users may not remember the key position of the key cap, and can be installed one by one with pictures. After loading, a brand-new mechanical keyboard is reproduced